the not so windy city {part 2}

On our second evening there we caught up with family who live just outside the city and the next day we hit the streets again to do a little more exploring. We found an amazing Irish Pub and enjoyed the best fries I've ever had, man I keep mentioning food. Oh well, that's what vacation's about anyway, treating your self to things you've never tried.The family split up again and me and my mom headed to Navy Pier while the others {sister and dad} went to the Science and Industry Museum. The batch of good weather had passed and we got some rain showers, but with out umbrella in hand we forged ahead even with soaking feet.
After doing a little shopping my mom and I came across a winter wonderland in the upper story of Navy Pier. With the carnival rides and Christmas decorations I felt as though I was a little kid again. When we used to live in California there was a similar even that we visited every year with similar events right down to the ice skating rink and decorating your own sugar cookies.The soaked feet and damp clothes were all worth it when we stepped outside after exploring the sites of Navy Pier. The fog had set in and covered the city in a blanket of white. It was the most extravagant sight I had seen all weekend.

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