babies babies everywhere

It seems that every where I look, babies fill my frame of vision. While I have been working quite a few more hours this month at the day care, I am referencing to the plethora of little nudgers being born around me. Just in the past 5 weeks I know of 4 babies being brought into this world and at least 5 other expectant mothers.

With all these thought rushing though my head I couldn't help but do a little searching through the endless amount of cute that so many etsy creators have put together. Just encase you wanted to do a little exploring of your own I put together some of my favorites. Wouldn't these made the cutest gifts?

1. LivvySue Kimono Top Flower Fields
2. Crochet Baby Booties
3. Grey Flower Cluster Baby One Piece
4. Organic Cotton Baby Wrap
5. Guitar Baby Gift Set
6. Changing Set
7. Baby Closet Dividers
8. Diana Camera Retro Toy Girl's Photography Pink Bodysuit
9. Dainty White Triple Flower Headband

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