random inspiration

you never know what you are going to find in your e-mail in box or surfing the net. some days you happen upon nothing interesting, but some days you stumble over pure inspiration. today was one of those days and i could help but share with you some of the ideas at one of my favorite go-to sites for inspiration: Better Homes and Gardens. whether it's the magazine {that my mom thankfully subscribes to} or their web site, i get so many ideas that fill my head with projects i would love to do if i wasn't slaving away in school.

this would be so much for for a baby present {spelling out the baby's name} a holiday, or any occasion. so many options.

all of these craft could be done on a reasonable budget. a trip to Micheals or Joans {which ever is your fancy} or your favorite little craft store and you could be amaking these wonderful decorations to fill your home. i jumping with anticipation to have my own home some day. i will be bursting with ideas, can't wait.

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