one for the books

elements for a saturday that is truly, one for the books:
:starting off the day with a few extra minutes of sleep
:the 7th-8th grade girls unbelievably close volleyball game
:a wonderful visit from a dear friend Jenny {sil to Jessica}
:the most amazing cinnamon buns
:thrift shopping along the leaf colored streets
:a beautiful assortment of fall flowers
:a few episodes of our beloved show: gilmore girls
:an afternoon delight {a can of whippy + 2 spoons}
:some adorable pumpkins, home grown by a few cute little boys

:the pumpkin to the left in mine: Kellan
:the pumpkin to the right is Jenny and sister's: Fredrick
:the pumpkin at the bottom is Kayla's: Pippin

1 comment:

  1. Go for it Emily, the 30 day challenge should be lots of fun and it's a nice way for me to keep my blog updated. Have fun!


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