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lately there has been one sight that has occupied a little too much of my time. etsy. if you have never been there, stop. go visit it. you will never be the same. i know I wasn't. it's chalk full of amazing crafters selling their homemade projects online. there's just something about buying items on etsy that makes you feel happy to be promoting their shops, and a little less guilty inside for spending money.

a few weeks ago {after much deliberation} i bought some amazing earrings from Made By Jewls........and a few days ago i bought one of my favorite purchases of all times. i have been waiting to post about these new purchases till my etta hat came in it's lovely package. and behold today it came. and let me tell you, pictures don't do it justice. my head could not be happier sporting it's adorable etta hat from Piper and Paisley. don't know if it's even this healthy to love a piece of clothing this much.

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  1. I HAVE to get one of those.. i LOVE hats .. so cute!


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