A Weekend Filled With....

This past weekend Josh, Randy, and I made a trip to St. Louis. This priceless weekend was filled with many things:

>drinking more caffeine in a few days that I've had in the past few months

>spending time with the Ohlmann family

>hearing the word 'Joshy' being yelled through out the house

>laughing so hard my stomach hurt

>being treated like a 'celebrity' as Mrs. Ohlmann would say

>spending more that 30 priceless hours in the car with Josh and Randy

>watching Josh play football with his lil brothers {Noah and Caleb}

>watching a few soccer games and remembering what it's like to be a kid

>cuddling with 2 cute lil girls {Hannah and Lydia}

>going to the crazy book sale with all it's amazing deals

>seeing Josh in his own element: at home with his family

>having supper with the fam

>watching the boys {big and small} play video games

>than later being beat by the smaller boys {which sadly didn't surprise me}

>having a weekend that I'll never forget

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