Belated Halloween

Even though Halloween was a few weeks ago, here are a few pictures from how I spent my Halloween. A few friends came over and we spent the after noon with yummy food, scary movies on, our arms covered in pumpkin guts (which every year I seem to forget that I'm allergic to until I'm up to my elbows in orange slime). For me, Halloween is one of the best holidays. It's not about the candy or the freaky decorations. I love seeing the creative costumes and the cute little kids. There is nothing cuter that seeing a 20 month old little girl that I take care of at kids club, come in dressed as a chubby little pumpkin with a smile from ear to ear!

P.S. I would highly recommend the movie Taken. We watched it Halloween night, and while it's a little disturbing, for all the girls out there that are a little too trusting, watch this movie. It'll make you think twice about who you trust and what not to do when traveling!

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