on the 15th day of Christmas....

It's one of the classics, a feel good cozy movie that makes you feel at home the second you hear the music. This season I have been without my seasonal normality since all of my other Christmas holidays have been spent with my family. This year I have been without my traditional Christmas movies until the other night when White Christmas graced us with it's presence. I was so overly excited I even put a sticky note on the TV to remind myself.

Since Brian and I have been so busy this year, we haven't done too much Christmas shipping together. Mostly our version of Christmas shopping has included lounging on the couch with a glass of wine, scrolling through amazon.com.

Most of the shopping we have done has been done apart {me going to the mall & B stopping by a few stores between his appointments}. It seems like the ideal time to go Christmas shopping is on the weekend, and who wants to leave their warm apartment, go out into the cold with about a jillion {it's a real work guys} other people, drive at least 30 minutes, and try to battle the crowds. So for that reason I have been doing a few DIY projects for Christmas pressents. There will be much more on that in a later post.

Happy Christmas shopping!

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