fill in the blank friday {Christmas version}

Last Friday was a crazy one and I was unable to get to fill in the blanks on Friday. Doubly sad since it was a Christmas version. I always feel silly doing them a day late or doing them the next Friday when there is a new batch of blanks, but this week Lauren over on the little things we do has a sick little lady {her adorable daughter Fern}so there are no new fill in the blanks from her this week. So it just happens to work out that I will be able to do last weeks Christmasy blanks after all!
1.  The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. I tried to think of something else but Elf's voice just kept running over and over in my head and nothing else would do.

2.  The holiday season is my favorite time of year. I hear so many people talking about getting stressed but 

3.  When is comes to holiday decorating I start as early as possible. I know for a fact that it we didn't have Thanksgiving I would go out and buy a Christmas as soon as Halloween was over! I tend to stick to classy more muted versions of the Christmas colors instead of the crazy bright colors.

4.  The thing I look forward to most about the holidays is our time as a family. There is nothing better than coming home after the Christmas Eve concert to run upstairs and change into the new set of PJs my mom bought us, opening up presents with all sorts of yummy treats, waking up on Christmas morning to the smell of cinnamon buns baking, opening out stockings with family.... In the end it all adds up to spending time with family. Being surrounded by family around the holidays is the best place to be.

5.  My favorite holiday tradition is opening our Christmas present in our PJs, eating lots of really unhealthy snacks, {and for those of you in my family} throwing the wrapping paper all over the room and modeling our new present just like Grandpa does ;)

6.  This year my Christmas plans include having an early celebration with my parents before they jet off to California. We are spending Christmas Eve with B's family after the Christmas Eve childrens concert. Christmas morning will consist of Brian & I along with my parents pup and kitty. My sister will join us for opening stockings and cinnamon buns, still in our PJs of course. We will get to spend the rest of the day with B's family in celebration.

7.  My favorite holiday food is homemade Christmas cookies. They come in so many varieties, and while they are not good for the figure and I secretly hope I won't get any as gifts, I think they are one of the most thoughtful gifts. It takes so much time and effort to make a "simple" platter of 1/2 a dozen types of cookies. Plus they just look so cute and festive!

P.S. We won't be able to accomplish today's Christmas activity, but don't worry we will do it another day.

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