Kayla's day

today started off like any other day, but as it went on it got a little crazy, starting with Kayla, my mom and I kidnapping two of Kayla's friends!
without their knowledge we drove them to Chaos water park and after a plethora of questions, finally let them take off their blindfolds, thus revealing the location of out first endeavor! after a few hours there we headed back to the {unknown to Kayla} decorated house and had a fun filled night with Kayla's brothers, her friends, and the rest of our family.
the night also included the toy story movies {including the new 3rd movie}, pizza, goofing off with the wii, homemade ice cream cake + 13 birthday candles, and lots of giggles. the party continued into the night for a sleepover and a run through the slushy {1st of the year} snow on a yummy donut run in the morning!our day has continued by relaxing with a movie or 2, a little basketball and adding some new colors to our toes & finger nails.

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