you know fall is here....

:when the weather is starting to cool
:when halloween costumes are starting to arrive in the stores {who am I kidding, they have already filled the stores}
:when I grab my mittens on the way out the door
:when the stores are filling with sweaters and the summer outfits are pushed to the back racks
:when the kids are back in school
:when soup and tea sounds so delightful while watching your favorite movie curled up on the couch
:when apple orchards are ready to be picked and turned into apple pie, jars or apple sauce, cider, apple crisp, and caramel apples

so that's what I did today. I visited the Eau Claire apple orchard and it was delightful mix of familiar fall smells and new fall experiences. I went with a friend and her two adorable kids. here are just a few of the 80+ shots that I snapped.these are the treasures I went home with by the end of the afternoon: a bundle of beautiful mustard colored dried flowers, some homemade pumpkin butter, and 1/2 a peck of apples just waiting to be turned into apple sauce

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