strength in numbers

over the labor day weekend a group of about 15 packed our warm clothes, loaded up our sleeping bags and tents, and made our way to the camping grounds at buck horn national park. there were many aspects to that weekend that made it out to be an unforgettable experience:
: growing together in the word of our gracious father
: getting lost and ending up at the wrong camp site, but not noticing for about an hour
: taking a dip in the freezing cold lake
: not showering for 3 days {ewwy!!}
: playing Quelf {"to ancient times and distant music!!"}
: laughing so hard our sides hurt
: trying to set up the tents in the dark/rain on the first night....
: ....then going to plan B: sleeping in the car
: watching sam strut my clothes around in style
: sleeping 3 girls to a double bed with about 1,000 blankets
: trying to avoid the drips and the drops of the dreary rain
: making even stronger bonds of friendship through our common faith

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