so much to do, but so little time

this past week has been spent knee deep in the books, studying for my overwhelming finals. finals, wow it seems like only a few weeks ago that I just started at Globe and now I have completed my first quarter. sorry there has been a lack of posts in the past few weeks, but now that I am free of my classes I will fill you in on all the happening in my crazy life. I will also share with you some exciting news about a new addition to our family! stay tuned to hear about that story and those pictures in the next couple of days! there is just so much to get done, but there never seems to be enough hours {or caffeine} in the day. here's my list so far:

- clean my room {and I mean dust, vacuum, move the furniture}
- get out my winter scarfs, vests, jackets, mitten, and swap them with my tank tops, shorts, and t-shirts
- clean the computer room so I can actually see the desk top
- work on a few projects that I have been dying to start
- take a look at my books for next quarter {I know it's nerdy, I've already been told that, thanks Carly}
- watch season 6 of House
- do a little baby sitting with some pretty cute kids
- relax and have some soup on these chilly days

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