just in case you were curious

what has been taking up my time for the past few weeks.... anyone have a guess?i have given little clues, but not really shared what has been filling my days lately. school. yes school. all the fun classes like anatomy+physiology, medical terminology, intro to clinical skills, and a few others adding up to a 18 credit load. some called me a little loco for starting in the summer, but who wouldn't want to start when it's warm out and you can spend the many hours studying on a blanket soaking up the sun. so that is what i have been up to, exploring many of eau claire's fabulous parks with my over loaded backpack. any suggestions of your favorite park around the ec area? i need some new ideas.


  1. My fav park is probably Wilson Park on Farwell...it has the pretty little fountain perfect for dipping your toes into on hot, hot days (like today)! :) I'm a fan of sitting on the edge, indulging in the cool water and soaking in some dull class reading! :)

    But, Phoenix is so flowery and gorgeous, so it looks like you've made a good choice! :)

  2. I do love Owen Park--so shaded and if you need a little study break you can always go to the river and wade around for a while.

  3. amazing ideas! thanks ladies!!


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