arise and shine....

and that is what we did, we arose with the Lord and shone in his marvelous light! it was the perfect conclusion to summer {before school set in}. for those of you who don't really know what I'm babbling on about, arise and shine is a retreat for those in their 20s and 30s to come together, forget about the stresses around us, and focus on our true reason for living, our gracious Lord. with the help of some excellent {gold} leaders we all met in St. Louis to enjoy a relaxing extended weekend.along with growing closer to our Lord and Savior, we also had some time for recreation. for some there was volleyball, some kayaking, some ultimate frisbee, others there was hiking, and for most of us there was lots of swimming {maybe even a little too much for those of us with a lovely green tint to our hair from the over excessive chlorine chemicals}.


  1. What a very fun weekend!! I had so much fun with you and Megan! I feel uber blessed that I have gotten to know both of you better this summer...you are both great girls!

    P.S. You should come to Madison some weekend!!! It's beautiful!!

  2. Oh--that's Uriah!

    Wow, and Eli. Who knew you'd see so much of my family? :)


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