camp koyquin: part 2

sorry it's been so long since I've followed through on my word and shared some moments from that blissful but challenging week of camp.

from day one, the Lord gave us an extra dose of strength to persevere through the week filled with bible passages and sunscreen. megan and I were in charge of 9 5th-6th grade girls, and from night one they began to bond with each other, and with us. we couldn't have asked for a better group of girls. we had a blast turning our cabin into the 'Beach House' filled with paper lanterns and twinkle lights.
here are just a few of our fearless leaders!the kids were blessed to have Jen as their crafts teacher for the week. they explored their creative side with glue, stamps, string, crazy scissors, hemp, beads and more.
at night we played games with the girls and danced to music! megan and I tried to pack as much fun as we could into our precious time with the girls in the cabin!

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