project cleanse

{just including a picture from last year's spring season. maybe this will inspire us to keep looking ahead,
seeing as though we haven't seen a hint of spring yet}

I have too many things for a 1 bedroom apartment. I think know my husband would agree with that statement, so I have decided to do something about it. A few months ago I set a goal for myself to clean out my life. It seems that our society is a little too focused on material things and we sometimes get too caught up in having the latest technology, or a closet filled to the brim with clothes that hardly see the daylight {just speaking for myself there}.

I decided that instead of just talking the talk, I would walk the walk, do the work and enjoy the benefits. Here is what I will be doing to cleanse my life and do some major spring cleaning:

This is a 6 part series {I might not go in this order} but you will see me go through them all, one each week
1. minimize the products in my bathroom cabinet
2. clear out our apartment of clutter
3. organize our hall closet
4. clean out our fridge & bodies, replacing them with clean foods
5. organize & clean our bedroom closet
6. go as el natural as possible

Can you tell that I am one of those total 'spring cleaning' sorts of people. There's nothing better that opening up the windows, clearing out the stale winter air, and cleaning out the cobwebs from our lives.

So every week I will share one cleansing project with you! Hope you hop on for the ride!

Are you a spring cleaner? Let me know what you do to cleanse your life.

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