camp koyquin: part 1

CaMp!! There is so much to share, but not enough time at present. Life is still a little too busy to share about the amazing week at camp that the Lord provided for us, but once life settles down a little I will share as many of my pictures as I can. I will have choose from over 600 pictures that I took that week, but for now, I will share one of my favorite moments:
{Jeff Ohlmann helping little Justice Naumann wash his head free of the 'nasty mixture'}

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  1. Oh Emily! This makes me cry because 1 - that's my brother, the one who puts on this tough, macho man facade, but those who really know him, know this side. 2 - I really miss camp...really really! :-(

    P.S. I hope you are coming to 20s and 30s and bringing Megan with!!!


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