The perfect day for soup

Ever since our recent dip in temperature it has been feeling more and more like winter. With the cooler days approaching I thought I would get a head start on experimenting to find a new delightful soup recipe. Even though this was my first batch, I can already feel that this soup is a winner. The recipe that I experimented with was Tortellini Florentine Soup. If anybody would like the recipe, just let me know....


  1. Yum Emily, looks delicious! I would like the recipie if it's not too much trouble. I'll tell you what, I'll swap you soup recipies, your Tortillini Florentine for my Chicken Dumpling. Nothing like soup in Autumn. Miss you, I can't wait to catch up at Em's wedding!

  2. Sounds like a plan! It's soo good! I miss you too and can't wait till the wedding! Can't believe that it's only 2 weeks away!!


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