Camping is always something that I have enjoyed. As a kid my family and I camped at different places along California, where I grew up. Yosemite is still one of my favorite places. It is littered with memories of my childhood: hiking in the mountains, learning how to ride a bike, jumping off the bolder into the icy cold water. I still miss it today even being about 10 years later.

A few weeks ago I got a little taste of camping again. A group of almost 20 of us took a camping trip. But it wasn't just to hand out and relax. We had a enlightening weekend of hearing the Lord's word. We dug into scripture and strengthened not only our own faith, but each others. The Lord used that weekend to humble us, to strengthen us and to build us up in Him.

Looking at the creation that God has made opens our eyes to how much we need Him....

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